We will bring transparency to Global Supply Chains.

LegacySecure is an IoT solutions company »

Our solutions help businesses increase end-customer engagement, product quality, brand recognition, better verify products, and drive revenue by using patented IoT hardware and software that:

  1. Mitigates counterfeiting
  2. Gathers data on end-consumers
  3. Provides insights and analytics on end-customer behavior
  4. Measures and gathers data on environmental conditions of raw product
  5. Provides trend analysis on environmental conditions over time

We elevate the future of artisanal industries.

» Meet Our Team

"We will work hand in hand with all our partners to bring transparency to their supply chains, optimize production, and empower all stakeholders through information."

» Meet Our Partners

  • Jeroen van der Lip Tobacco Leaf Trader
  • Sherwin Seltzer Former VP of General Tobacco
  • Gregory C. Antrim Patent Attorney, Partner at Sofer & Haroun, LLP.
  • Oleg Tolmachev Principal Investor, Board Member

» We Serve All Industries

Wine Glass

Wine & Liquor

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Tobacco Leaves


We empower farmers, manufacturers, brands, and final consumers through the integration of cutting edge tools to make use of information in order to bring a positive transformation to an age old industry. We respect tradition, combine it with our faith in innovation, and marry the two in order to achieve the goal of a brighter, more holistic future where the consumer knows their product and has an intimate relationship with their brands of choice.

Cannabis Leaves


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» We Share Values

  • Relationship-Driven

    At LegacySecure we follow two principals, Show Up and Keep Your Word (even to the detriment of yourself). Our number one advantage is that we think of, and deal with, our clients as equal partners in a transparent manner and seek to create in collaboration an ecosystem and better results for all stakeholders in an industry — Farmers, Manufacturers, Brands, and Final Consumers.

  • Passionate

    We have a passion for cigars, and all artisanal industries including, but not limited to, Cannabis, Wine and Spirits, and Clothing. Our Founder, being an award-winning poet and writer by profession, understands that every industry is the practice of an artform. We do not seek to "replace" or "correct" the traditional artisanal practices in these industries. Instead, we seek to provide tools that empower the craftsman in these industries to improve industry practices and provide the best product possible for all stakeholders.

  • Diverse

    We are creatives and problem solvers by nature. We bring diverse expertise from IT Security, programming, hardware engineering, writing, and creative content to create tailored solutions that provide our Clients a multi-dimensional understanding and approach to managing their supply chain and to use the data our system gathers to the greatest effect possible for all Stakeholders.

  • Service-Oriented

    We serve our Client's needs as partners, as family. You are our family. We build together. Separate, we are weak. Together, we are stronger. Allow us to serve you and treat you as we would like to be treated. We will show you the difference between us and other companies when we treat you with the respect, dignity, and transparency you deserve.

  • Playful

    Let's face it. Most faceless, emotionless technology and logistics companies are just that. We are not. Humor. Love. Appreciation. Respect. Kindness are our ideals, from top down. We treat you and your company as human. Humans have a sense of humor, and the "play circuit" is a part of our evolutionary biology. Life is a game. We like to play fair, and play well, so that we can all join in the game, experiment, innovate, build, and mutually benefit from our successes.

  • Humble

    Learning from you, our client, and addressing your needs is priority number one at LegacySecure. Instead of trying to build solutions in an isolated bubble and force the market to adhere to the solutions, we respect your and your markets inputs. You, our client, are the best teacher we have and it's an honor to learn from you about the solutions your industry needs everyday. Every time we hear from you how to better approach a process or product, we are thankful rather than defensive or dismissive.

  • Successful

    We focus on developing you, and providing you necessary infrastructure and tailored solutions to optimize your business and empower your brand identity. We are here to aid you, our customer, and not focus on us. That separates us. You aren't a data point in our financials or marketing materials to leverage. Your satisfaction is our responsibility; we choose, wholeheartedly, to accept as much responsibility as we can bear and carry it to make us, and you, better. The better we carry our responsibility, the more successful your brand, the more we grow holistically.

» We Are Recognized

"'Plasencia Cigars, a world-leading premium tobacco grower, established in 1865, announces that it has teamed with LegacySecure. The collaboration will serve to integrate an exciting technology, that will provide a wealth of information to the retailer and end-consumer."

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