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End-User Verification

NFC Smart Chip

Take your marketing, customer acquisition strategy, and consumer engagement to the next level with LegacySecure's End-User Verification Solution. One of our smart chips is affixed to packaging and provides the end-consumer to authenticate a product and interact with unique marketing material, educational and promotional content increasing brand awareness and fostering a more trusted, intimate relationship with your final consumer. We also collect anonymized data and provide analytics to help you budget more effectively, target clients more effectively, and drive revenue.


Environmental Monitoring System

Digital Collection Node

Our Environmental Monitoring Solutions tie into the eventual goal of our end-user verification service which is to provide the end consumer with a verified, traceable history of a product from creation to sale. Currently, our environmental monitoring solutions focus on aggregating data and augmenting the traditional, artisanal process of tobacco fermentation empowering tobacco manufacturers to modernize and improve processes in an effort to increase yield, decrease spoilage, increase time efficiency, and democratize access to industry knowledge.