End-User Verification

Know thyself, by knowing thy Product.

The Problem »

Ever think about where a product comes from? Ever wonder about if you're getting what you think you're getting?

Maybe you just want more information on your product, a way to interact with the brand and give feedback on your specific experience, and receive some educational material on the sourcing and production process of your product?

Authenticity can't always be trusted, brand engagement is disconnected, and gaining access to customer behavior is difficult to reach.

The Solution »

Using our EUV system your clients can know the authenticity of your product, gain access to unique content, and educational materials thereby increasing brand engagement, loyalty, and trust.

In turn, your business has the ability to see data provided on an easy-to-use backend dashboard that allows you to gain key insights on your consumers and drive revenue and growth.

The Features »

  1. Authenticate your product via web app anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand.
  2. Provides access to targeted end-consumer content (videos).
  3. Backend dashboard providing consumer analytics and insights.
  4. Individual cigar rating system that provides your consumer the ability to rate (on a points system) the quality of an individual cigar which we are able to trace because each chip is uniquely identified.
  5. Videos targeted at engaging a diverse, young audience showcasing the qualities of a brand that differentiate them and their product in the current market.

Want to know how our EUV works?

Up your engagement, your brand exclusivity, and increase your revenue with targeted data insights.

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