Environmental Monitoring System

Integrate, Monitor, Improve.

The Problem »

The LegacySecure Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) works to improve overall operational processes by providing measurements, and accurate real-time data on a wide-range of environmental conditions.

Some specific problems being addressed in premium tobacco and cigars are: (1) increasing yield of wrapper; (2) decreasing spoilage of tobacco, during fermentation and in transport; and (3) increasing time and workflow efficiency by providing clients access to real time data via a mobile and web backend dashboard.

The Solution »

The patented LegacySecure EMS solution allows for remote monitoring of specific environmental conditions requested by clientele, gathering of data in the cloud, and analytics.

The Features »

  1. Remote monitoring for Temperature in Pilones.
  2. Remote monitoring for Relative Humidity in Pilones.
  3. Remote monitoring for Moisture in Pilones.
  4. Handheld monitoring for Moisture.

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